Chhattisgarh was formed on 1 November 2000 with other two states, namely, Uttrakhand and Jharkhand. Today, Chhattisgarh is more developed as compared to other two states. Ironically, the Panchayat representatives of all the districts know only about the development that took place in their own region, but they do not know about the development of the state. The state government has launched a new scheme, named Hamar Chhattisgarh Yojana, in which all the Panchayat representatives will have a closer look at the development of the state and can they can feel proud about it.

This scheme will last for about two years from July 2016 to June 2018. All the Panchayat representatives in groups of 500 members each will go on a 2-day visit at Raipur. These representatives will rope the rare species of plants that are found in their village at the Botanical garden of Naya Raipur. They will visit Purkhouti Muktangan, Cricket Stadium, Urja Park, Mantralay, Science Center, Vidhan Sabha, Mahant Ghasidhas Sangrahalay, Indira Gandhi Agriculture University, and they will go on a tour to Naya Raipur and Jungle Safari, etc. They will be given each and every detailed information about the places and development which took place. 20 tourist guides are being provided by the tourism department who know local languages like Chhattisgarhi, Halbi, Gondi, etc. as they will be able to give precise information about the places more conveniently. They will also visit Bhilai Steel Plant and other industries.

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